Launching the Essence of Excellence at Accolade Wines

image of people sat in rows viewing presentation

Last week Prof. Peter Hines ran the Essence of Excellence workshop at Accolade Wines, that also coincided with ‘The Essence of Excellence’ book launch which has been joint written with Chris Butterworth. The book looks at over 25 years of continuous improvement implementation that Prof. Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth have undertaken, where they have coached and supported many companies on their continuous improvement journeys. The book highlights the ultimate secret of creating a sustainable Enterprise Excellence by developing a Principle- led approach and deploying this into the organisation.

The launch of the book for the UK took place at Accolade Wines, who have had a long standing relationship with Prof. Peter Hines of S A Partners. S A Partners was was created by Peter over 25 years ago, and Accolade Wines also feature in the Essence of Excellence book as a case study. The outstanding work Accolade wines have been doing was also rewarded recently, with the recognition of the Manufacturer of the Year award.

Phil Spooner, who is head of the Process Industry sector at S A Partners said ‘The award given to Accolade Wines recognises the excellent work they do, and is just reward for all their hard work. The Essence of Excellence book is a must have for all those deploying continuous improvement through their organisation, and the launch last week at Accolade Wines highlighted the case study provided by them for the book. The methods employed through the book allow us to deliver excellent results to our clients, and allow them to improve in a sustainable way.’

Accolade Wines also recently had an article published in The Manufacturer which appeared in pages 32 to 36, which interviewed Richard Lloyd, General Manager at Accolade, who explained their whole approach to sustainable improvement at Accolade in depth, and is an excellent read.

Why not download and read The Manufacturer article on Accolade Wines.

This is a case study of completed a few years ago, with Accolade Wines explaining how they moved from a Push Lean system, to a Pull Lean one. Peter Hines interviews Richard Lloyd (general manager) at the end of the case study.