Leadership Development Programme

Delivering Enterprise Excellence through Inspirational Leadership

How do you inspire your teams to drive a culture of excellence within your business?

In this complex ever-changing world, leadership has very little to do with being the smartest person in the room.

You need great leaders!

The S A Partners Leadership Development Programme has helped over 7,500 people in 18 countries to develop and grow their skills.

Customer Feedback is outstanding, with a Net Promoter Score of +89, compared to an industry average of +51

“The leadership coaching activity enabled the management groups to develop their personal resilience when dealing with challenging situations and ‘historical, old groove’ conversations. Through the coaching programme, leaders and managers developed a greater sensitivity to the situations where defined conversations were necessary and consciously employed a greater skill in delivering these conversations.”

Why are our Leadership Development Programmes different?

It is far more than “just another training session” our programmes focus on coaching and experiential learning to enable leaders to apply their learning in their day job to create impactful change.


We deliver the training based on our Leadership Model designed to incorporate how leaders think and feel, what they do, and how they inspire their teams.


A series of coaching interactions focused on individual needs, aspirations, and context.

Experiential Learning

Delegates practice in the workplace and are required to reflect and provide evidence.

Assessment & Accreditation

Evidence provided by delegates is externally assessed and accredited through Cardiff University’s Lean Competency System (LCS).

“In a public sector study, the productivity of managers increased 22% after management training, but when you add coaching it jumps to 88%.”
Olivero, Bane & Kopelman (1997) “Executive coaching as a transfer of training tool: Effects on productivity in a public agency” Public Personnel Management, 26, 461-469

Our programmes can be delivered in a classroom or virtual format. We use accredited professionals and incorporate best practice from our International partners: Blanchard; The Shingo Institute; The ColourWorks; and Soundwave


The Ken Blanchard Companies® are a world renowned management training organisation. S A Partners are an ‘Approved Blanchard Channel Partner’ and are proud to offer the much coveted Situational Leadership® II and First-time Manager training.


Shingo Institute

S A Partners are an affiliate of the Shingo Institute, who are home of the Shingo prize. It is now globally recognised as the benchmark for Enterprise Excellence. During this journey, the Shingo Institute has experienced and learned many valuable and powerful things.


SoundWave® is a set of practices and online diagnostics that analyse preferred styles of speech and build ‘skilful dialogue’ in programme participants. It generates learnable insights into the relationship between how we talk and how we think and feel.

The ColourWorks

Create vibrant working environments in which all people feel valued and get heard, communication is honest and clear, decision-making timely and robust, and authentic leadership filters throughout the organisation.

How are candidates accredited? 

The Lean Competency System is an internationally recognised lean qualifications framework for practitioners which is accredited through Cardiff University.

How is candidate development captured?

All delegates of our Leadership Development Programmes utilise our Learning Management System, which enables individuals and organisations to track their learning.


How is the programme delivered?

We train people in the theory, coach individuals in the practice and deliver benefits for the organisation. It combines 1:1 coaching, self reflection and measurable evidence of  the practical application of improvement, based on the 70-20-10 learning philosophy.

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