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Leadership Development Programmes

What Do Great Leaders Do?

They provide a place for us to grow, open career doors for us, defended us when we needed it, recognised and rewarded us, developed us as leaders, inspired us to stretch higher, led by example, told us our work mattered and forgave us when we made mistakes.

Our leadership development programme, focusses on 3 core elements, who I am – your leader DNA, how think, speak, listen and act, what I do – the core systems you are responsible for and their outcomes, and finally our team, how you interact, motivate, lead and manage your teams. ​

​Our leadership development programmes are based around the four core skills of instruct, mentor, coach and delegate all centred around a compelling Enterprise Excellence Journey and develop the types of leaders that people remember.​

​Our Leadership Development Programmes have helped thousands of Leaders from all around the world, in multiple languages, develop and grow their ability to inspire, engage and motivate their people.

Leadership is not about titles, positions or work hours, its about relationships


We have developed an organisational diagnostic and individual competency framework that enables us to assess what skills are required to deliver future strategy and what current skills currently exist. This allows us to prepare a Leadership Transformation Roadmap and customise courses and interventions to deliver the change required.​

​We have partnered with internationally recognised organisations as show to enable us to provide best in class thinking and techniques, when delivering our Leadership Programmes.​

​Accreditation can be delivered via Cardiff University and the Lean Competency System or via the University of Utah and the Shingo Institute.​

​Our team assess your current and future organisational needs to devise training and coaching programmes, and create bespoke solutions.​

​Solutions are based around three levels:​

  • ​How you develop a leadership approach​
  • How you sustain optimal leadership​
  • How you accelerate your leadership to the next level

A genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus but a moulder of consensus



Our programmes follow the four step format of assess, develop, stabilise and accelerate. Interventions are customised based on maturity level of the Leadership team and where they wish to progress to next.

A Leader is one who out of the clutter brings simplicity…out of discord harmony…and out of difficulty opportunity.

Leadership Development Programmes can take two distinct routes:

A Learning led approach- Leaders are assessed against a competency framework, taught best practice, practice their skills, are coached and reflect on their development, before seeking accreditation to pre set University standards. The S A Partners Leadership Academy.

A System led approach –Leaders work alongside a consultant/coach who helps them develop their strategy deployment process, meeting structures and governance processes, and coaches them in how to operate at their optimum with this process. The S A Partners Acoustic Management System.


At the heart of all or Leadership Development Programmes is the  70:20:10 learning philosophy, combining training, 1:1 coaching, self reflection and measurable evidence of practical application. Enabling Leaders to learn theory, practice and learn through coaching cycles and deliver organizational sustainable.

Our training, consulting, coaching and accreditation services are all provided by fully qualified experienced practitioners who are all partners or employees within S A Partners.

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

Where has this been used with our clients?

Programmes have been delivered successfully with Aerospace, Defence, Lifesciences, Financial Services, Food Manufacture, Distribution, Automotive, Utilities and Retail organisations.

Throughout entire organisation structures ranging from Executive Study Tours, Director Best Practice Forums, Leadership Team Shingo Courses, Accredited Organisational Leadership Transformation Programmes, Change Leader Masterclasses, Front Line Leader CI training, Black Belt Leadership Training etc.

Our most popular products being Leadership Essentials, Shingo Accredited Courses and Creating an Acoustic Management System.

People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad leaders.


The content of our leadership programme is focused around defining what needs to be done and when whilst developing the core skills of being able to understand what style of leadership is required to deliver the needs.

It enhances Leaders ability to both speak and listen whilst equipping them with project management, meeting and improvement system design skills. Creating leaders with the full toolkit of Leadership skills to create a dynamic, improving customer focused organisation.

Programmes can be built up from wide range or resources including Psychological Safety, Emotional Intelligence, Situational Leadership, Psychometrics and Case Studies

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Leadership should be focussed on extending the ladder of opportunity to everyone.


Each course is supported by the S A Partners Roletracker platform. The is an online system that enables organisations of any size & geography to track learning, candidate development, benefit realisation and employee competencies.

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The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. They are the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.

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Listed below are some of the Clients Currently working with us on Leadership Development

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Dr Fiona Buttrey

Donna Samuel

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Sonja Allen

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Byron Lear

Colin Scott

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