Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials

As a result of working with leaders for over 30 years, conducting market research, developing strategic partnerships and creating prize winning thinking we have created the Leadership Essentials programme. The programme is designed to equip today’s leaders with the essential skills to enable them to deliver their organisational objectives.

The programme is a mix of classroom training, coaching, best practice visits and accredited learning.


The programme training covers three foundational elements.


Who I Am – helps leaders to understand their own personality, consider how they speak and listen (Soundwave), provides time management tips and encourages a growth mindset towards self-development.


My Team – focuses on coaching and change management as key skills of an inspiring leader. We use Situational Leadership to understand how leaders adapt their style to match the development needs of their team. We consider learning styles and how they impact training and facilitation.


What I Do – examines what leaders are expected to deliver both in terms of results, desired culture and ideal behaviours. We consider essential organisational processes and standards. We promote leader standard work to develop a sustainable culture of improvement.


Each element is then further subdivided into four modules, creating a 12 module programme. The programme is designed to be delivered either face to face or virtually and covers 48 hours of training. This can be delivered as 6 day long face to face sessions, or as 12 four hour modules built into a programme that works for the organisation.


Each individual following their training will receive 6 one to one coaching sessions over an agreed timeframe(nominally 6-12 months) aimed at developing key competencies as agreed within the programme. The programme for delivering coaching will be designed at the outset and again can be delivered virtually or face to face.


Candidates on completion of classroom training and coaching are asked to provide a self reflection learning portfolio. The portfolio details their learnings form the classroom sessions, their experiences of using the tools, their development activities from their coaching and their plans for future development.