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New S A Partners ‘Leadership for Improvement in Productivity’

Situational Leadership II forms a critical part of our integrated Leadership for Improvement offering, and is a key tool that forms part of our Leadership Development Programme.

In January 2017, the UK Government outlined its plans in a ‘Green Paper’ consultation document for a UK Industrial Strategy.

  • Key objectives of the strategy include:
  • Competitiveness and competitive advantage of the economy
  • Economic growth by increasing productivity.
  • Building relevant skills and capable supply chains
  • Delivering and sustaining ‘excellence’

Leadership from business has been key to the success of sectoral policies in the UK and other countries. The UK Government will work with sectors that organise themselves behind strong leadership to help deliver upgrades in productivity.

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Leadership for Improvement in Productivity

This month we are delighted to launch our new Leadership & Coaching Programme and our Excellence4Rum membership are the first to see it on our Training Page.

Our Leadership proposition provides the techniques, competencies and behaviours that will help you achieve Excellence within your business. Please note – this NOT a training programme for leaders but a business-wide improvement process aimed to provide you on-going and sustainable business excellence.

The Leadership for Improvement Team:

This package has been designed and developed by our team of Partners and Principal Consultants who have considerable experience and reputation in this arena. The team is led by Gary Griffiths:

Gary Griffiths – Gary specialises in Behavioural Change, Leadership. Strategy Deployment, Business Assessments, Learning and Development and Systems Thinking.


About the Leadership for Improvement Programme:

The programme is aimed at Senior Leaders, Middle Managers and Frontline leaders such as supervisors and team leader levels.

We have a suite of offerings on the leadership proposition:

0 – Leadership for Improvement (an overview which covers all core elements)

1 – Principled Thinking – Behaviours and Systems

2 – Leader Standard Work

3 – Kata Coaching

4 – Facilitation Skills

5 – Skilful Dialogue

6 – Situational Leadership

7 – Emotional Intelligence

We also have developed a Senior Leadership Awareness Session to help you develop your own leadership development roadmap based on the current and future needs of your business.

To support this new package, take a look at the new white paper by Dr Toni Whitehead and Simon Grogan on the integrated subjects of Leadership, Change Management and How We Do This.

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