Organisational Transformation

The S A Partners Improvement Journey

Analysing your current state in order to develop improvement roadmaps, enabling organisational ambitions to be achieved, through the development of sustainable continuous improvement.

Where are you on your journey?

We are all striving for Sustainable Continuous Improvement. At S A Partners we see Organisational Transformation as a journey where we set goals, assess progress, refine plans and continually develop the way forward. We have developed the S A Partners Improvement Journey Model (affectionately know as the squiggly line), which signposts this in detail.

The Squiggly line is a key diagnostic tool created to assess your organisational maturity. Each section of the model is assessed in order to conduct a thorough diagnostic of your current state and create a roadmap that enables you to realise your future goals. We translate your vision and targets into a resourced, time-bound roadmap and a governance structure that ensures Sustainable Continuous Improvement is delivered.

Below are the different levels of maturity that we use as an assessment criteria.

The vision goals and strategy are clearly communicated throughout the organisation with key measurement targets and activities appropriately deployed.

Stability Improvement

Cannot focus on the future as they become involved in operational issues.

Live in the world of chaos, firefighting, and frustration.

Always reworking, no consistency, poor engagement and involvement.

Velocity Improvement

Can plan for a better future.

Deliver what they are accountable for and improve what they do.

Perform work in line with standards and become involved in what they do.

Agility Improvement

Continually plan for an improved  culture.

Innovate and develop what they do.

Continually deliver and develop what they do.

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