Lean Benchmarking

Lean Benchmarking

Data lead methods to assess performance against internal & external good practice, a system where external and internal best practice is used to stimulate continuous improvement.

How will this be achieved?

  • Develop a system that examines what is best practice within the organisation, within peer organisations and across other sectors.
  • Examine this data and create roadmaps to support the organisation strategy.
  • Ensure people from all levels are involved in this process, creating a common understanding of what “great” can look like.

Why would you do this?

  • To continually challenge the organisation and set stretch goals for improvement.
ENterprise Excellence Model
organisational design timeline, showing improvement over time

Pharmaceutical Packaging Company

With Profit margin increased on a range of products from 24% to 60% & Changeover reduced from 20hrs to 8hrs for a full and from 14hrs to 6hrs for a partial changover, just two of the benefits for from this case study.

From Continuous Learning to Organisational Learning

Kevin Eyre suggests that lean practitioner often ‘get stuck’ at continuous improvement and fail to achieve their aspirations of continuous learning, characteristic of the lean archetype, Toyota.

This is a short insight into the Learn Share Grow workshop based on Prof. Peter Hines book, which was held at Aimia Foods.

An insight into the Learn Share Grow workshop

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