Lean and Green

If you want to become greener, you can just focus on profit. Even better, if you want to become radically more profitable you need to do precisely the same things you would do if you were scared to death about climate change. Lean and green is about a new way of thinking. To do a lot more with a lot less, to boost your improvement efforts and to create a positively charged work environment. Its about unlocking the greatest profit potential in your company.

Like lean thinking, greening your business is not just a “nice to have”—it is now “must have”. It is a key economic driver for many forward-looking firms. Our lean and green offering is an opportunity to learn from leading organisations who have realised synergies between lean and green and understand how to expand the lean and continuous improvement concepts and tools to boost innovation for a greener and more profitable future for your business.

Recently we have compiled case studies from a diverse set of industries including retail, service, manufacturing, food and drinks and automotive. Companies such as WalMart, Tesco, Toyota, Adnams, Marks and Spencer, GE, GM, and MAS.

For more than a decade we have been working with cutting edge organisations to create synergies between the 8 lean wastes and 8 green wastes. Our offering extends well beyond tools and techniques, and looks at the real Toyota Way. To help organisations realise that opportunity we have developed a series of offerings we refer to as Lean and Green.

These are some of the typical benefits our Lean and Green interventions deliver:

  • 30% saving on the utilities bill
  • product/material waste savings of up to 20%
  • dramatic sales and supply chain trading value uplift

What we find is that:

  • Many organisations have a well-established lean or business improvement programmes in place that delivers bottom-line benefits for the organisations’ economic well-being
  • These same organisations  often have an environmental programme  as well to address ever-changing environmental imperatives and legislation
  • These two programmes are usually managed as disparate entities and seldom interact
  • However, bringing them together can deliver benefits that far exceed expectations
  • Why? Because improvement programmes benefit from the inclusion of an environmental dimension and environmental programmes benefit from a systematic improvement approach

How do we go about Lean and Green?

Sometimes we start with a Lean and Green maturity assessment using the output of the assessment to ‘roadmap’ a customised Lean  and Green journey. Sometimes we demonstrate the potential of Lean and Green through a short, sharp (5-10 day) kaizen blitz intervention. Sometimes we implement a wider and longer (20-30 day) supply chain intervention. Alteratively we offer Lean and Green training and coaching to upskill individuals in your organisation and equip them to steer your Lean and Green journey. You select the approach that best suits your organisation.


To learn more about Lean and Green, please download our brochure or contact Jo Maniatt.