Lean Pharmaceutical Manufacturing graphic

Lean Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Lean Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical & Life Science proved very busy for S A Partners in 2017. We’ve produced an infographic highlighting some of the facts about the industry, and how we’ve successfully improved organisations during the last 12 months.

Global sales in the industry top 640 billion each year and it has a market size of 1.52 trillion dollars. It employs over 1 million individuals in mainland Europe alone and approves around 40 new medicines each with the average cost of developing a drug around £400 million from initial discovery through to approval.

Thanks to advancement in medicine, people now live on average 30 years longer than a century years ago.

Lean Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical is now key in helping the industry cope with Brexit, and the impact this will have going forward. For example there are concerns raised around the future regulation of pharmaceuticals, and the prospect of damaging disruption to cross-EU drug supply chains.

As an organisation, S A Partners live and breath our brand promise of Together the Power to Improve. Our commitment is to transform organisations enabling them to maximise their effectiveness and people potential. We do this with organisations, not to them. this means after a set period of time, the organisation is capable of leading its own improvement program in a sustainable way. If youd like to know more about how S A Partners can help your organisation improve and become super competitive, contact our sector head John Quirke.

to view the full infographic, which has far more interesting data on the industry,  just use the link provided below.

Lean Pharmaceutical Infographic for 2017 (348 downloads)