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Lean & Sustainable Consortium’s 2018 Agenda

The Lean & Sustainable Consortium  has had an extremely busy and productive 2017, but our 2018 program is just as exciting.  With past visits to award winning companies such as Vaillant, Glanbia and Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) to name but a few, all members benefited from regular visits and GEMBAS where they explored successful lean implementation, and also discussed and shared those difficult aspects of the change journey that you neither read about in books, nor hear about at conferences.

2017 has been a great year, full of inspiring ideas and in depth discussions about the members continuous improvement journeys. The consortium has now partnered with Onsite Insight ( and expanded the consortium’s offerings and activities to all members at no extra membership cost. Below are some of the up coming new exciting plans, which you can also download.

  • Be Inspired: There are has now been two extra visits that are different to the usual Gemba Exchanges. While Gemba Exchanges are excellent in terms of providing a safe environment for having a behind-the-scene look at everyone’s CI journeys, the consortium wanted to add visits that are more focused on inspiring members to push the boundaries, to try new “weird and wonderful” ideas and to think outside the box. They will seek inspirations from some the best companies out there. They call these “Be Inspired” visits and are suggesting companies such as Next Jump which they plan to visit in July.
  • Benchmark: Many members have developed CI roadmaps. They are adding two extra sessions. One on 1st Feb and another one on 14th Dec 2018. They will be inviting members to bring their CI roadmaps and use facilitators and fellow members to both critique and benchmark progress. Obviously the idea is to compare progress at the beginning and then at end of the year.
  • Other New Programmes:
  • C.I. Volunteering – give your time and share your CI knowledge with charities or public sector organisations that need improving.
  • Pooled Training  – The consortium will work with members to source world-class trainers on specific topics. Members can pool resources and share courses with other fellow members to make it cheaper.
  • Employee Exchange within the Consortia. Members will work with HR to provide placement (or similar) opportunities within member organisations.

If you are interested in joining this group, places are limited and selective, but you can read about the consortium, and then fill in the form at the bottom of the page for more information.  You can also download the 2018 agenda.