Lean & Sustainable Consortium’s visit to Glanbia Ingredients

The latest GEMBA for the Lean & Sustainable Consortium took place at Glanbia Ingredients, Ireland recently, where consortium members received a warm welcome, and an in-depth insight into the success of Glanbia’s CI programme.

The agenda for the day was:

  • Site Security Induction and Introduction to Glanbia
  • Welcome, Lean Programme Overview and Business Overview
  • Site tour
  • Working Lunch – Networking
  • Show case major CI or Sustainability case studies
  • Group Discussion, Feedback for Glanbia and Q&A

During the introductions, Glanbia talked through their business, continuous improvement journey, their sustainability journey and other important aspects of their improvement roadmap.

Various colleagues from Glanbia presented their lean and sustainable achievements. The energy consumption has reduced considerably since 2000 while production volumes have risen. Given Glanbia is a very energy intensive business, they have taken waste reduction outside economic domain and included energy, water and (physical) waste in their quest for lean and sustainability.

During the Gemba Exchange, the conversations largely circled around the importance of “people engagement” as well as creating the right culture for successful change management, with a strong focus on the specific needs for the process industry.

Finally, the consortium met in the boardroom for the feedback and Q & A session. It was clear GII have done a fantastic job in their lean journey, but are costantly looking for areas of improvement.

Areas discussed in this session included Problem Solving, Coaching Improvement, OEE/TPM and how to address areas of varying performance within the Asset Management framework and Agile methodology. They also discussed the sustainability journey, Zero Harm focus and how green projects directly link to bottom line and CI culture.

At the end, the consortium sincerely thanked Glanbia for hosting a great event, very open discussions and a remarkable example on how lean culture can be created and nurtured through an organisation.

Below is a video which highlights the benefits of the consortium which members have experienced. Want to find out more & join the consortium? Then visit the Consortium webpage where you can download the brochure and fill out the inquiry form.