Learning Management System

The S A Partners Learning Management System

An online learning management platform enabling organisations to track learning and development, whilst delivering business benefits and desired role competence



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learning management system logoThe system has been designed for all levels of development within organisations, from senior level strategic coaching, to front line task competency assessment.

A central hub that enables organisations of any size & geography to track learning, candidate development, benefit realisation and employee competencies. The systems inbuilt flexibility means it can manage formal accredited programmes, or be developed to your own bespoke learning and development programmes.


Over 10,000 people worldwide, including:


Please view the video below to see how the LMS features work.

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Our LMS can be used as an “off the shelf tool” that enables organisations to track the development of their people against standard programmes, it can also be used as a totally customised system that enables organisation to assess the skills and competencies required to deliver their current and future needs.

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The system is a combination of a programme management tool, materials library and learning resources. It has the ability to manage lifelong learning, record training, coaching, project delivery  and accreditation.

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The system can track progress at the Candidate, Cohort, Department and Company level. The frequency of reporting can be developed to accommodate the specific needs of the organisation.

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The system contains reporting functions that enable organisations to understand the return on investment for training time and expenditure as well as managing a full range of both process and people benefits.