Learning Management System

The S A Partners Learning Management System

An online learning management platform enabling organisations to track learning and development, whilst delivering business benefits and desired role competence


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The system is designed for everyone, from senior level strategic management development, to front line task competencies. Through creating a robust platform for your people development programme, you can create lifelong learning, benefit realisation, competence confirmation, and return on investment.


Over 10,000 people worldwide, including:


How does our Learning Management System work?

Training, coaching and knowledge sharing.

Development programmes, delivered around the pace of the individual or organisation.

Organisational, team and individual learning and development.

Reporting systems that track return on investment and skills across the organisation.

Performance driven, programme and project benefits realisation.

Materials library, online testing and e-Learning.

Certification and Compliance Management.

There are two ways in which you can make our Learning Management System work within your organisation.

Application 1


Managing your accredited
learning and development.










Focused accredited training programmes built around delivering benefit for the organisation.

Application 2


Standardising, maintaining and
developing your organisational structure.










Realising current state needs, delivering the future state vision, a platform for your organisational design.

A central hub that enables organisations of any size & geography to track learning, candidate development, benefit realisation and employee competencies. Application 1 accommodates S A Partners’ accredited programmes for learning, or apply your own bespoke learning programmes.

Track by company and multi-site.

Track by course, cohort and candidate.

Learning Management System Accredited Programmes

Powerful visual reporting (Eg: cohort reporting screen for coaching)

Use the dashboards to:

Measure improvement by company, cohort, and candidate for training and coaching.

Track the progress of cohort and candidate to keep your organisation performing on-time in-full.

Monitor training attendance rates.

Reward and recognise candidates with accreditation.

Track people development via company, cohort and candidate dashboards

Using our Learning Management System, we can monitor progress towards requested competence on specific role tasks to develop your organisational design.

Monitor progress from current to required competencies.

  • Employee development required to attain competency 2, 4, and 6.
  • Build development into 12 month plan.
  • Take your organisation from its current to future state.