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Life Science & Health

Our Life Sciences and Healthcare team works with both major pharmaceuticals, manufacturers and healthcare organisations around the world. Our clients include the likes of Mylan; Pfizer, BMS, Cook Medical and Hospital Groups.  

Creating true value and linking with patient needs beyond ‘treatment’ is an aspiration for all organisations in this sector. There is also a common desire to create a ‘Culture of Excellence’.  However, creating an environment of improvement and change within a regulatory environment is challenging.  The pressure is therefore on employers to truly engage their teams in meaningful and productive work, based on simplicity and robustness whilst maintaining a clear focus on patients and patient care. 

We support companies within this sector focus on their Purpose, their Processes and their People, building capability in Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence and Leadership. 

We can help your organisation: 

  • Measure true performance and culture using our Enterprise Excellence Assessment. 
  • Define what success looks like and align this with observable behaviours and supporting systems. 
  • Develop the skills and sensitivity of your leadership teams. 
  • Align coaching with defined systems and agreed behaviours. 
  • Develop your team’s capability to improve process and supply chain performance. 
  • Challenge processes to reduce complexity through simplification. 
  • Develop and enhance core business systems such as Tier Management and Asset maintenance. 
  • Increase team capability in Lean Thinking and Enterprise Excellence. 

Insights from our Sector Head

Hear from our sector head about the support we have provided organisations within the Lifescience & Health sector with their business transformation…

Enterprise Excellence Assessment

Discover how the Enterprise Excellence Assessment provides insights on the current maturity of your organisation by benchmarking against recognised Enterprise Excellence principles and practices. We use the assessment insights to develop and execute an implementation programme to deliver sustainable customer results for your organisation.


Shingo Workshops & Training

As the world’s largest licensed affiliate to the Shingo Institute, our team provide SHINGO training to companies around the world both inhouse and virtually. Find out why the SHINGO Model for Enterprise Excellence and the SHINGO Prize are so highly regarded by the world’s best companies….


Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM)

Discover how the S A Partners 11 Step TPM Model is regarded as the most effective approach to TPM deployment by industry experts worldwide. Download our quick guide to the model here or contact one of our team…


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 Leadership Skills & Training

Leadership Skills & Training

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Systems Consulting

Systems Consulting

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Latest Resources

Latest Resources

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Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

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