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Life Science and Health Organisation Challenges and Opportunities

Creating true value and linking with patient needs beyond ‘treatment’ is an aspiration for all Life science and Health organisations. There is also a common desire to create a ‘Culture of Excellence’ (a key remit for the FDA).  The pressure will therefore be placed on employers to truly engage their teams in meaningful and productive work, as well as maintaining a clear focus on the ‘patient’.

The organisations that will thrive and survive will be those that can maintain a focus on both productivity and people.

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John Quirke

John Quirke is our lead in the Life Science and Health sector, with 20 years manufacturing experience with a number of Blue Chip multinational corporations.

Our Thought Leadership

With five award-winning publications and one of the largest online resources for Continuous Improvement and Enterprise Excellence, S A Partners are your ideal partner to support you with your improvement journey.

TPM Book cover

TPM: A foundation of operational excellence

Authored by Peter Willmott, John Quirke, and Andy Brunskill

essence of excellence book cover

The Essence of Excellence

Authored by Professor Peter Hines, and Chris Butterworth

An example of what Life as an operator with 60% OEE could be like

The Application of TPM in the Life Science sector has proved incredibly successful in both reducing downtime and increasing productivity and profit.  Here Peter highlights what a typical shift looks like in an organisation that hasn’t employed this process.

A Definition of TPM by Peter Willmott

Here Peter Willmott gives his definition of TPM, what it means, how it is employed and what results are achieved.

Bristol-Myers Squibb at the Shingo Conference

Here Kris Sprague, Director of Strategy, Bristol -Myers Squibb of the Life Science sector, gives his thoughts on attending the Shingo Conference.

The next Shingo conference will be held in April 2017.

Raising Lean Awareness

This video shows how you can raise Lean Awareness by involving your employees. This particular workshop took place at Clear Stream Technologies Group Plc. It highlights how the group progress through the workshop to eventually complete the stickle brick exercise in record time!

“S A Partners have a tremendous combination of real-world experience, expert-level content knowledge and seasoned facilitation skills. Training and facilitation of training is a skill set and when you add the virtual world to the mix, it can become even more of a challenge and require that next level of skill. S A Partners were able to very successfully facilitate and guide an important group of global leaders through the 12-week Leadership Programme with much success despite the virtual environment. Their ability to navigate the various personality styles, varying degrees of continuous improvement backgrounds as well as their attention to detail in the course logistics led to a very successful learning experience. Our leaders including myself have grown as a result of this and are better equipped to continue to apply and grow our leadership skills as a result of the S A Partners training. We’re better for the training and we are looking forward to future trainings that S A Partners leads for our leaders.”

Brent Carpenter, Cook Medical, USA

“S A Partners brought with them the experience and ability to work across the organisation, at every level, driving a change in thinking about how we work, how we do business, and how we create customer value.”

Managing Director, Customer Services and Operations

“The concept of leaders tuning into the look and sound of organizational excellence is now advocated across our global organization.”

Multi-site MD Bio Pharma

“We have seen our productivity stabilise.  We can now focus on how we achieve our hirer aspirational targets. “

Operation Manager, Medical Device Company Europe

“I know of no other publication on TPM that comes close to the scope, detail and practical utility of this book. It is likely to become the standard text on the topic”

John Bicheno, Professor of Lean Enterprise, University of Buckingham

“This book will become a reference on how it should be done.  A paradigm shift to Total Productive Manufacturing which is long overdue. “

Greg Julich. Director Global Reliability, Pfizer Inc

“The book clearly illustrates how TPM can be a key driving force towards developing a culture based on the Shingo Model or organizational work Behaviour.”

Richard Hayes, Mylan, Dublin

“The Essence of Excellence only describes the fundamental underlying Lean principles, but also provides benchmarks for the systems and tools being applied by successful companies in their endeavours to establish and sustain ideal principle-based behaviours through their organizations.  Whatever, the maturity of your organization, I’m sure you will find this book a great reference.”

Séan Kelly, Global Programme Manager, Divisional Business Excellence, Abbott Diagnostics

Creating a Dynamic Improvement Culture throughout the organisation

Profit margin increased on a range of products from 24% to 60%

Lean transformation in a small pharmaceutical secondary packaging site

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