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Developing the business for growth in the new world of Covid-19. Upskilling and reskilling your people. Rapidly responding to customer demands. Leaders with skills to drive the business forward and a strategy that act on the ‘now’ and driving into future with profitable growth and sustainable lean.

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Mick Moreton is our lead in the Manufacturing, with over 40 years experience in the industry. Contact: or call: 07725671558

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Improvement Coach Programmes

Develop staff on how to apply improvement concepts, methods, and tools to daily work. Support teams in identifying a problem and scoping an improvement project. Help develop measures, data collection plans, and analyse data for project.

Total Productive Manitenance (TPM)

Unlock your installed productive capacity, by unlocking the full potential of your people.

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production:

  • No Breakdowns
  • No Small Stops or Slow Running
  • No Defects
  • In addition it values a safe working environment:
  • No Accidents

TPM emphasizes proactive and preventative maintenance to maximize the operational efficiency of equipment. It blurs the distinction between the roles of production and maintenance by placing a strong emphasis on empowering operators to help maintain their equipment.

The implementation of a TPM program creates a shared responsibility for equipment that encourages greater involvement by plant floor workers. In the right environment this can be very effective in improving productivity (increasing up time, reducing cycle times, and eliminating defects).

Developing your leaders

The key advantages of situational leadership are that the model is easy to understand and use. According to the Situational Leadership Special Interest Group, when leaders effectively adapt their leadership style to their followers’ needs, “work gets done, relationships are built up, and most importantly, the follower’s developmental level will rise to D4 [the model’s highest level of competence and commitment], to everyone’s benefit.”

Strategy deployment and Hoshin Kanri

Developing a measurement system that drives ideal behaviours and delivers on strategy. Hoshin planning gives manufacturers a clear idea of where they are going and how to get there.

Done right, hoshin planning addresses a wealth of deficiencies in corporate planning. Included among those deficiencies are plans that are not suited for the realities of the shop floor, plans that don’t take into account a changing environment and plans that aren’t ever reviewed.

The key elements of hoshin planning include:

  • Hoshin planning is driven by the organization’s vision, not today’s problems.
  • It is a system to translate the vision into tangible and measurable objectives for achieving the breakthroughs.
  • Alignment is created by cross-functional planning to achieve short-term objectives each year.
  • Hoshin planning fosters learning through the review process. You become better planners every cycle.
  • The Plan-Do-Check Act cycle of continuous improvement is at the heart of the hoshin process.
  • “Catchball” is the driving force of alignment, clarification and employee involvement. The catchball process “translates strategies into lower-level objectives in a cause-and-effect way.”

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Continuous Improvement at Cogent Inc

Lean Award Winners Vaillant

“We have worked with SA Partners for many new years now, and their support and ideas have always been excellent and played a big part in helping our company introduce lean thinking, operational excellence and manufacturing capabilities to our business. Mick Moreton in particular provided us with excellent support all through the transformation programme, from setting it up all the way to supporting us during our application for a Shingo award.”

Andrew Lahy, Global Head of Operational Excellence, Panalpina Logistics.


“The programme is a real success, S A Partners didn’t side track us with tools, they helped us develop the whole improvement system. They have helped us get to where we are today. The Silver Medallion will ensure that we set not only a world class benchmark, but will also provide a strong foundation for the long term success of Clydach refinery.”

Mike Cox, General Manager, Vale, Clydach

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“I was accountable for designing the process-led change required at United Utilities from 2007, led the selection of prospective suppliers to undertake the programme of work from 2009, and managed the subsequent delivery to ensure there was rigour in the methodology, robust governance, efficiency savings identified, and staff unskilled. These were the essential components – and I would have no hesitation in recommending SA Partners as process-led specialists in all these areas.”

Clare Hickson, United Utilities

“We chose S A Partners as they are recognised as being at the forefront of Lean thinking.”

Richard Lloyd, Global Manufacturing Director, Accolade Wines

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“I don’t use consultants, I use S A Partners. I became convinced that the holistic approach they had developed was the concept I had sought. After having worked with them for many years now, and seen the great successes we have achieved at Cogent Power, I am even more convinced that this is the waya business (any business – and not just automotive) should be run.”

Marcel Schabos, Cogent Power MD

“As a single comment I would buy this again for any organization embarking upon a strategic change direction. This is the first program I have been in 18 years that actually adds real value. A real delight to meet people of a like mind and not peddling quick shallow solutions that are doomed to fail in the medium term”

Carl Moffat, HR Director, Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery


“Michael is highly personable, he has an unrivalled Lean pedigree and global experience and is one of the few select consultants to have trained and then practised Lean in Japan as a consultant. I hired Michael during a challenging period of increased customer demand and technical change on the UK Apache helicopter pulse line. Michael’s experience and practical abilities allowed him to gain the confidence of the line and to mentor senior Ministry of Defence officers and commercial aerospace directors and managers in Lean leadership and behaviours. Michael has a particular strength in facilitating ideal state thinking and future state design. I can highly recommend Michael.”

Darren Aston MBA, Army Air Corp

Capability Development Programme integrated with improvement projects

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Creating Enterprise Excellence using their own people & embedding a culture of CI at Inalfa

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