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The main issues facing the manufacturing sector today are:

  • Ever intensive customer and consumer demands
  • Rapid technology change and short product life cycles
  • Escalating energy, material and transportation costs
  • Skills shortage and an aging workforce
  • Globalisation and newly emerging economies
  • The effect of the global financial crisis
  • The transition to higher value products and services
  • Managing preconceived perceptions about the sector

These external conditions intensify the need for manufacturing companies to be responsive and flexible. Our approach to achieving this is by focusing on four areas:

  • Supply chain – harnessing the opportunity that lies in the wider supply chain
  • Skills & competencies – equipping and empowering people to deliver to their potential
  • Asset management – fully exploiting capital investments
  • Processes and value streams – managing the key business processes that deliver value to customers

At S A Partners we will design and deliver an improvement programme that will realise substantive benefits by addressing each of these critical areas.

Some of the benefits we have delivered for our clients include:


  • Cash and release of working capital of €15m
  • Reduced operational expense by 20%
  • Increased revenue of €5m
  • Reduced cost of poor quality
  • Significant capital expenditure avoidance


  • Leadtime quartered
  • Productivity doubled
  • Operational expense reduced by a fifth

Ways of working

  • Improved collaborative relationship throughout the supply chain
  • Skills directly linked to business needs
  • Team based approach to asset management
  • Cross-functional teams focused on end to end processes

To learn more about our approach to the delivery of business benefits and the development of an improvement culture in the manufacturing sector, visit our Process Industry page.


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