Mick Moreton

Mick Moreton

I have been with S A Partners since 2009. I have had a fairly varied experience prior to joining S A Partners. My working life started in the mining industry as a ‘coal face’ worker so I am real living example of, literally been ‘at the coal face!’. Following this I have had a very interesting and rewarding career with Toyota UK where I was one of the early employees spending 7 months in Japan and the USA learning from Sensei in the thinking and behaviours around Toyota Production system. I then moved into Aerospace with Roll-Royce and Airbus in Toulouse, France. I have a Diploma in Change management. I am a certified coach and Channel Partner for Ken Blanchard’s situational leadership.

My main interest is about people engagement through encouragement and a bit of fun. I see lean and change is all around the way we think. I believe that setting clear goals drive the right behaviours and consequence influences future behaviours. I am convinced that the majority of people want to make things better, we just need to show and guide them along the right path. Catching people doing something good will help them along this path.

During my time as a consultant I have travelled to many countries and engaged with a variety of organisations such as – Ships; engines, seals and bearings, Military; logistics, special ops, helicopter depth maintenance, armoured vehicle maintenance, Hercules maintenance, Naval ships, Retail; baseball bats, ski’s, Food & drink; chicken processing, meat processing, juices and cordials, Logistics; fashion, telecoms, automotive etc. NHS; children’s cardiac day case, discharge process, bed management, fractured neck or femur.

I am married with 4 sons, 1 foster child, 1 dog, 1 tortoise and an axolot!

I am aging triathlete, competing in sprint to Ironman distances. It’s painful but I like it! I also enjoy mountain biking, caravanning, trekking and the occasional caving. As well as the usual stuff like having a nice glass of wine and eating nice food! And a bit of geocaching with the little foster child.

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