Looking Forward to the NEPIC Best Practice Conference

NEPIC Conference image

Phil SPooner, partner at S A Partners and who heads up our Process sector, will be speaking at the NEPIC Best Practice In Industrial Asset Management Conference this coming 18th November.

The topic Phil will be speaking phil talkooing over a powerpoint slideabout, will be ‘A foundation for Operational Excellence’. In this session, Phil will position TPM as an approach to asset management, as foundational to improving the productivity of your organisation and building a model for sustainable operational excellence. He will also be sharing case studies for how the TPM approach works within different environments

• Asset management as a foundational component to operational excellence
• Asset management in different environments (labs, utilities etc.)
• Building your own roadmap for TPM through the levels of maturity

The highly successful NEPIC event will host speakers and topics showcasing cross-sector best practice to drive forward improvements in productivity, reliability and safety.

Throughout the day they demonstrate transferable lessons from across the manufacturing spectrum, that Production and Engineering Managers can apply to their own operations, as well as showcasing the broad range of asset management capabilities that are available within the region.