Going Lean & Green

New Lean and Green Qualification

Lean & Green Production Systems have become the new paradigm for excellence in value generation and delivery for the most competitive companies in the world.

A Lean & Green Production System can be defined as a system designed for improving operational efficiency and sustainability simultaneously in order to enhance radically the ability of either an organisation or a supply chain for generating and delivering value to its customers and to the society as a whole.

The Master in Lean & Green Supply Chains (https://leanandgreenmaster.com/en/) of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) is a joint initiative of a UPM team, led by Prof. Joaquín Fuentes-Pila, and Dr. Keivan Zokaei (of S A Partners and Enterprize Excellence who is also a visiting professor at UPM). The Masters degree, which is delivered in both English and Spanish, is attracting leading-edge companies which desire to train their next generation lean and green thinker executives.

On 14th July, Joaquin and Keivan delivered an interactive workshop involving graduate students, industry experts and professors at UPM. This was an opportunity to openly discuss the most critical lean & green opportunities across different industries. UPM are currently accepting applications for this Masters degree (delivered in both English and Spanish).

S A Partners are running a 2 day workshop and free webinar on going Lean and Green, both run by Keivan Zokaei.