North America

North America is our most recent venture into new terrain.

S A Partners began working in the US when one or two of our major clients wanted our support network to extend to those regions as part of their global roll-out programme. Having built up some working experience, our confidence has grown and now we now firmly assert that we have something different to offer this highly saturated market.

It is our assertion that improvement implementation in the US is often fragmented and sometimes fails to penetrate vital areas of corporate USA. Improvement approaches are often fixated on short term kaizen blitz style approaches which leave a fragile legacy often difficult for management to sustain. Our lean and green and lean culture offers are designed to directly address this problem.

Lean and green bring together improvement and environmental imperatives and has the potential to deliver dramatic bottom-line savings. Simply put this approach is about making money but doing it in a sustainable fashion

Lean culture is designed to address leadership behaviour and the organisation culture that prevails as a results. Many business leaders we talk to, who have made investments in lean process work, tell us if they knew then what they know now they would have invested much more in building an improvement leadership capability in the business. Given the right leadership, many problems can be resolved by teams at all levels of the business – this is where our culture and leadership offer focuses attention.

To hear more about our exciting early experiences of working in the US, contact Robin Jaques


Robin Jaques: MD North America

Robin Jaques