Our Academic Credentials

Our academic heritage links back to the establishment of the world’s first Lean Research facility – The Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) at Cardiff University. Prof Peter Hines was the co-Director with Prof Dan Jones (The Machine that Changed the World co-author).

S A Partners is a European Affiliate of the internationally renowned Shingo Institute, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University, USA.  Our Shingo Accredited Trainers are:

Professor Peter Hines

Simon Grogan

Chris Butterworth

John Quirke

Gary Griffiths

Alex Teoh

In addition to Peter’s expertise, many of our Consultants, Trainers, Coaches and Business Analysts are ex Cardiff University LERC students, researchers and graduates of the Lean PhD and Masters programme.

PhDs in Lean, Systems Thinking & Chemistry:

Professor Peter Hines

Dr Toni Whitehead

Dr Donna Samuel

Dr Keivan Zokaei

Dr Fiona Buttrey

Studying for PhD:

Jon Mark Fillingham

MSc in Lean Operations Management, Cardiff University:

Steve Baker

MBA in Lean Thinking, Cardiff University:

Jeff Williams

We also have a number of our consulting cadre who are also accredited and certified against the Cardiff University Lean Competency System:

Master Black Belt, Cardiff University Lean Competency System Level 2b: (Link to LCS page on web site)

Simon Grogan

Robin Jaques

John Quirke

Andy Brunskill

Colin Scott

Dr Fiona Buttrey

We are internationally recognised as Thought Leaders and are regularly invited as Guest Speakers at conferences and events around the world.

We have an in depth understanding of academic models and knowledge plus practical application across a wide range of sectors.

Learners are certified & accredited to the Cardiff Universities Lean Competency System via our own Training Programme framework which is geared to transferring our skills to your workforce.  The delivery of this training, coaching and project mentoring is done by Trainers who are highly qualified in their field.  Formal assessment for each learner to ensure certification standards are maintained, is done by Drs Toni Whitehead & Donna Samuel.

As well as our academic publications such as research papers, theses and dissertations, we are proud to have been recognised for our books:

Shingo Research Award, 2014 for ‘Creating a Lean & Green Business System’.  Authors:  Dr Keivan Zokaei, Prof Peter Hines, Hunter Lovins & Andy Wood.

Shingo Research Award, 2009 for ‘Staying Lean – Thriving not just Surviving’.  Authors:  Prof. Peter Hines, Gary Griffiths, Richard Harrison & Prof Pauline Found


There are also a number of White Papers and publications in our Resources section.