Performance Management
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Performance Management: effectively managing your assets

Performance management is the Check & Act on the status of a process against its short and long term KPIs. Its about developing a system where both the performance of the process and the people are measured and improved.

How will this be achieved?

  • Understand the requirements of performance management, and of each process and role aligned to the organisations strategy. Assign these targets to individuals and teams.
  • Develop a performance management system where individuals and teams are coached and/or mentored to develop their performance.
  • Develop systems that allow individuals to meet discuss issues, track improvement and realise benefits.

Why would you do this?

  • To optimise process and people performance in line with the expectations of the organisation.
performance management boxes written on screen
performance management using puzzle pieces as an example

Improving Process Stability in a Gum Based Production Process

This case study highlights improvements in reduced batch failure, salvage generation, costs e.g. transportation, extra sampling, manual handling. to see the full benefits gained view the case study.

Improving Service & Efficiency in a Regulated Water Company (Waterco.)

£1.1m extra sales from missing meters, £5m in capital expenditure savings & £1.2 m in operational expenditure savings. To see the full benefits view the case study.

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