The Shingo European Summit Rundown

Shingo European Summit

The Shingo Institute will be holding the Shingo European Summit in Cork, Ireland on October 13-14 this year and we are pleased to announce that our own Prof. Peter Hines will be one of the plenary speakers. S A Partners are able to offer you a discount code that can be used to receive a discount from the Shingo Institute. To get this code simply fill in the form at the bottom of this webpage.

With organisations such as Rolls Royce Aerospace attending, your company will hear from speakers who will share their knowledge and experience in applying the Shingo Model™, specifically strategies for leadership and implementation.

Prof. Peter Hines will share his experience in working with other Shingo recipients, and how they implemented a successful and sustainable journey to Shingo Excellence. The Shingo Inst is also holding another summit in Mexico on the 22nd and 23rd September.

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S A Parters also attended the 27th Annual Shingo Conference in Utah earlier this year, and while there also undertook a Shingo Discover Excellence workshop which was well received.

To find out more about the European summit you can visit, and download the summit flyer.

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To find out about how S A Partners can help you on your Shingo Excellence journey you can view our Discover Excellence workshop page and register your interest for our next workshop, and also view our Shingo page to get more information on our history with the Shingo Institute.