Process Industry

Your challenges within the Process Industry

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  • A heavily regulated environment where safety is a fundamental driving principal
  • Ensuring minimal environmental impact across the supply chain
  • High cost assets that require effective continual investment to maintain optimal operational and technical performance
  • ROI -Balancing and understanding effective long-term investment against short term return
  • Engaging workforces with Increasing employment and supply chain cost pressures
  • A consumer orientated market where prices are under pressure with ever increasing global supply

How we can help

  • We understand all the critical connections for success:
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  • We have thus developed a solution that combines asset focused improvement, risk reduction, ideal behaviour and robust process accountability.
  • In addition to our own consulting expertise we have strategic relationships with the Shingo institute, TWI, Cardiff University and Peter Wilmott; enabling us to provide a holistic solution for our customers.

Definition of TPM

Thought Leadership

The Lean Journey at Cogent Power Inc

Winning the Shingo Prize

A Day in the Life of an Operator

Cycle 4 of the TPM Process

Strategy Deployment at Vale Refinery

The culture of CI

“The programme is a real success, S A Partners didn’t side track us with tools, they helped us develop the whole improvement system. They have helped us get to where we are today.

The Silver Medallion will ensure that we set not only a world class benchmark, but will also provide a strong foundation for the long term success of the refinery.”

Mike Cox, Head of UK & Asia Refineries

This case study at Shingo winners Vale Refinery, Clydach - Wales, is on Developing Enterprise Excellence

What can the TPM Best Practice bring to the Operational Excellence Table?

Improving Process Stability in a Gum Based Production Process

This case study highlights the benefits gained by Intercast & Forge benefited in the Financial, Operational and Ways of Working area after the improvement journey.

Enterprise Excellence Model

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