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Professor Peter Hines hosts Learn – Share – Grow, Achieve Lean Excellence Webinar

Professor Peter Hines, co-author of the Shingo Prize winning book ‘Staying Lean’ and Chairman of S A Partners recently hosted a Webinar titled Learn – Share – Grow, Achieve Lean Excellence. The Webinar was a huge success with people attending from Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. Due to the high popularity of the event, Peter Hines will be planning a series of more detailed Webinars, dates to be announced soon.

The Achieve Lean Excellence Webinar focussed on how Lean interventions can be designed in an effective and sustainable way.  A real life case example is used to illustrate how this has been achieved at Cogent Power. The Webinar aimed to help attendees to gain a better understanding of what Lean really is and what it could mean for results.

If you enjoyed the Webinar, and would like to find out more, Prof. Peter Hines will hosting a 1 Day event on July 5 at the National Motorcycle Museum; Staying Lean, Thriving not just Surviving. 

This 1 day workshop is for Business Leaders and Senior Managers, Lean Champions and Coaches. It helps you to understand how Lean thinking provides the basis for a profitable, growing and customer-focused business.

About the Staying Lean Publication


book cover Staying Lean Thriving Not Just SurvivingStaying Lean: Thriving, not just surviving has just been awarded a Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence 2009, in the Research and Professional Publication category. The book draws on the story of a multi-national company that has successfully implemented Lean in its manufacturing and commercial areas to help turnaround the organisation s financial performance.The story is based around the Lean Iceberg Model of sustainable change and addresses the often invisible, and hard to copy, enabling elements of successful Lean Management in manufacturing organisations: Strategy and Alignment, Leadership, Behaviour and Engagement as well as the more visible features: Process Management and the application of Lean Technology, Value Stream Tools and Techniques. Staying Lean is designed to be used as a practical workbook to guide practitioners along their own Lean journey so that Lean becomes embedded in the organisation and sustains the performance improvements over the long-term; often enabling them to outperform low-cost economies and thus compete in a global marketplace.