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Ireland enjoys a leading status in world business. At SA Partners Ireland we help businesses in all sectors achieve excellence. We do this by working with organisations and designing transformational change to match their ambitions and surpass their expectations.

We deliver our brand promise of Together, the power to improve by defining what success looks like and then co-creating the appropriate systems, skills and culture to deliver it.

What we do is focus on the needs of the customer, develop organisational purpose, align its processes, engage its people and create sustainable improvement

The Irish business environment is unique and its unique position provides unprecedented opportunities for organisations.

We have unrivalled expertise in helping leaders and organisations unlock potential and deliver improvements. We offer consulting services to help Irish business withstand, grow and thrive, and training to build your internal capability.

We support companies as they access multi agency funding to resource their strategic plans across all sectors.  We will be there for you in practical terms, be that training colleagues, coaching teams or developing leaders in the 5 key areas of Enterprise Excellence, Innovation, Digitalisation, Shingo and Sustainability.

We are Europe’s largest SHINGO affiliate, and our training is LCS & Cardiff University accredited

Enterprise Excellence

Assumes that every part of an organisation is focused on the pursuit of world class performance and best practice. This thinking is embraced by all teams who actively seek improvement in every aspect of their value stream. This enables the delivery of ideal customer and business results.

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We understand the importance of establishing an innovation management system in your organisation, evaluate performance and achieve increased customer value. This is a new part of our service offering, we are aligning to the ISO 56002 to guide best practice for us. We have Advisor Approval from IDA/Enterprise Ireland

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We will support you on your digital transformation and help you leverage digital technology to improve productivity  and profitability and develop new market opportunities. We have strategic digital partners who are leaders in digitising processes.

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Across Ireland the leading Companies are all working towards winning the Shingo Prize.

We have colleagues who have led organisations to the Shingo prize. We have Shingo prize winning publications. We have Shingo affiliate status and are leaders in this space.

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We will help assess and adapt your business and operating model to manage both the challenges and opportunities presented by fundamental policy, regulatory and market changes. This is a competitive imperative for all organisations and we are here to support you.

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Available Funding & Support

S A Partners works closely with agencies in Ireland, who offer substantial support for Lean, Continuous Improvement, Shingo and Enterprise Excellence.

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SHINGO Workshops & Training

As the world’s largest licensed affiliate to the Shingo Institute, our team provide SHINGO training to companies around the world both inhouse and virtually.  Find out why the SHINGO Model for Enterprise Excellence and the SHINGO Prize are so highly regarded by the world’s best companies….

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11-Steps TPM Model

Discover how the S A Partners 11 Step TPM Model is regarded as the most effective approach to  TPM deployment by industry experts worldwide. Download our quick guide to the model here or contact one of our team…

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Meet our Ireland team:

Garry Corbet

John Quirke

Conor Dawson

Brian Golden

Lorcan Carroll

Noel Hennessy

Tom Finn

Juliette Packham

Laurence Garric

Michael Kennedy

Megan James

Megan James

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 Leadership Skills & Training

Leadership Skills & Training

Find out how we can support your Leadership & Continuous Improvement Programmes.

Systems Consulting

Systems Consulting

Supporting your organisation to achieve Enterprise Excellence.

Latest Resources

Latest Resources

S A Partners continues to invest in industry research to support our customers.

Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

Supporting your learning Journey - delivering workshops and Shingo Prize guidance