Region: New Zealand

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What sets us apart from other Lean Consultants is our approach which is to help organisations to develop a culture where Lean/CI becomes a way of life and can be sustained. We do this by showing organisations how to align business improvement activities with their strategic objectives and engage everyone in the business.

Our training programmes include full certified Lean/CI qualifications which are aligned with Cardiff University’s Lean Competency System, an international recognised Lean qualification framework. Since 2013 we have certified over 1000 people in Australia and New Zealand.

As well as consulting and training we offer Lean Maturity Assessments and Enterprise wide team accreditation, so that you can see how far you have come on the Lean journey and what areas you need to focus on to progress further.

In 2013 we began working with the Shingo Institute and we are their only Australasian based affiliates formally accredited to deliver Shingo programs. These are workshops for senior managers hosted in company or at exemplar Lean facilities and combine classroom learning with practical hands on learning by doing.

We have a regular programme of public workshops and each year we host a Lean/CI Conference and invite some of our clients to share their stories.