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Established in 1993, S A Partners supports organisations across the United Kingdom with their operational excellence journeys.  Our services include accredited training programmes and operational excellence consultancy services.  With five Shingo award winning publications and global recognition for thought-leadership we can help you see what is possible.

Using our Assessment tools we help you understand where you are and help create your roadmap to get you to where you want to be. Through workshops and coaching we develop your leaders and teams providing them with the skills and knowledge to make a real difference.

We bring global best practice and benchmarking to support you develop capability in Continuous Improvement, employing Lean, Agile, Six Sigma methodologies and the development of your people through bespoke Coaching and Leadership development programmes.

Enterprise Excellence

Assumes that every part of an organisation is focused on the pursuit of world class performance and best practice. This thinking is embraced by all teams who actively seek improvement in every aspect of their value stream. This enables the delivery of ideal customer and business results. We are also Australia’s only accredited SHINGO Affiliate.


Our Leadership Development Programmes are developed around the four core skills of instruct, mentor, coach and delegate. They are also aligned to the values and strategic objectives of your organisation.  The programmes are University Accredited and have supported thousands of leaders around the world develop and grow their ability to inspire, engage and motivate their teams.


The Enterprise Excellence Assessment provides an insight into the current maturity of your organisation by benchmarking against recognised Enterprise Excellence principles and practices.  The assessment insights can then be used to develop an implementation roadmap for sustainable results.

Lean & CI Training 

Develop your team’s capability in Lean, Continuous Improvement, and Six Sigma using our  Improvement Coach Programme, accredited by LCS (Lean Competency System). We have developed engaging, interactive, and practical training that will inspire your teams to develop their skills and continually improve what they do.

Leadership Development Programmes

The Accredited Leadership Development programme combines training, coaching, self-reflection and experiential learning to deliver ideal results for your organisation. Learning can be onsite or delivered virtually.

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Enterprise Excellence Assessments

The Enterprise Excellence Assessment provides insights on the current maturity of your organisation by benchmarking against recognised Enterprise Excellence principles and practices. We use the assessment insights to develop and execute an implementation programme to deliver sustainable customer results for your organisation.

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SHINGO Workshops & Training

As the world’s largest licensed affiliate to the Shingo Institute, our team provide SHINGO training to companies around the world both inhouse and virtually.  Find out why the SHINGO Model for Enterprise Excellence and the SHINGO Prize are so highly regarded by the world’s best companies….

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11-Steps TPM Model

Discover how the S A Partners 11 Step TPM Model is regarded as the most effective approach to  TPM deployment by industry experts worldwide. Download our quick guide to the model here or contact one of our team…

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 Leadership Skills & Training

Leadership Skills & Training

Find out how we can support your Leadership & Continuous Improvement Programmes.

Systems Consulting

Systems Consulting

Supporting your organisation to achieve Enterprise Excellence.

Latest Resources

Latest Resources

S A Partners continues to invest in industry research to support our customers.

Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

Supporting your learning Journey - delivering workshops and Shingo Prize guidance