Rosemary Durcan – Consultant

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Rosemary Durcan – Consultant Ireland – Lifesciences, Strategy & Innovation

Rosemary Durcan joined SA Partners as a consultant in 2016.

Rosemary holds a keen interest in research & Innovation and the development of market – led new products and services. Rosemary is a key member of S A Partners Innovation and New Product Development team. This group enables companies to define the systems in the business that truly enable future growth. Rosemary moves business from a position of vague aspirations and intermitted growth focus to a position where there is a recognisable and relentless ‘machine’ in the organisation delivering cost effective strategic growth.

Rosemary has worked in both the private and public sectors across a number of industries including Lifesciences, Healthcare and Food. Rosemary began her career in the Food Sector in both quality and research roles. In 2001 Rosemary joined IBEC working as part of the representative trade associations for both the medical and biotechnology sector. In 2008 Rosemary moved to Enterprise Ireland as a Senior Commercialisation Specialist helping research projects to reach commercialization and help build the foundations for eventual start-ups. Rosemary subsequently moved to a Senior Lifescience Development Adviser position facilitating the growth of Ireland’s SME’s on both domestic and international fronts. Rosemary enjoyed worked with clients to help them identify and overcome the business challenges that exist and leverage their growth potential through various means including market research, research & development, new product development, marketing & sales, competitiveness and strategic partnerships. In 2013 Rosemary took up a senior management position with Sims IVF, Ireland’s largest fertility clinic as Chief Operations Officer. During this time the clinic engaged in a successful acquisition by Virtus Healthcare plc.

Rosemary is a graduate of DIT, UCD and IMI.