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S A Partners join the European Mentoring & Coaching Council

S A Partners have a number of professional coaches amongst the Executive Leadership Team, Partners and Consulting community.

Our coaching and mentoring services complement consulting and training on our Improvement Coach and Leadership programmes.

We work with global leaders from shop floor, first line management up to executive level, in sectors as diverse as Defence, Aerospace, Utilities, Process, Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Financial Services, Retail and Creative Industries/Film Making – in design, manufacturing and service environments.

In 2020 we joined the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (UK) to recognize our levels of development, experience and expertise.

S A Partners Coaching programmes are underpinned by the EMCC Global Competence Framework.

EMCC was formed in 1989 and is a global organisation.  When professional coaching and mentoring in Europe was a new business practice, a group of like-minded practitioners came to the view that there needed to be a common code of practice and shared ethical base for coaches and mentors.

This group included people who are now regarded as the pioneers and original thinkers of the profession, many of whose books have become essential reading:  David Megginson, David Clutterbuck, Eric Parsloe, Sir John Whitmore, Myles Downey and Peter Bluckert).

They wanted to introduce a shared ethical standard not only to guide their practice, but to enable people who employed them to be able to rely on this as a mark of quality. They established the EMCC, a highly regarded Code of Ethics, and developed the European Quality Award.

Since 2020 , 2 of our team have successfully been accredited at EMCC Global Senior Practitioner level:

Dr Toni Whitehead

Juliette Packham

imageof Toni WHitehead

Toni Whitehead

Image of Juliette Packham

Juliette Packham

2 more of our team are currently going through the Accreditation process for Senior Practitioner level:

Richard Lynch

Dr Donna Samuel

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