S A Partners Perform Higher Than The Industry Average

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Richard LynchS A Partners latest NPS score of +75 is seen as testimony that the customer remains at the heart our consulting business. The challenges of the current market have moved much of our delivery into the virtual space.  Our consultancy, coaching and training is all now delivered to our customers teams across the world – providing enormous benefits in connectivity and responsiveness.

Richard Lynch, part of the Leadership Team at S A Partners has been supporting a number of our key clients with Leadership Coaching virtually for some years. He isn’t surprised that organisations have seen some positive results from a focus on virtual delivery.

“Virtual coaching, definitely has benefits, instead of a situation where it was necessary to deliver back to back coaching sessions onsite, we can now flex to the needs of individuals. The more regular communication at times to suit the customer provides a better platform for dialogue and therefore improvement”

The Net Promoter Score, is an internationally recognized benchmark for customer service. It relies on customers being asked one key question “Would you recommend the company”.  The scoring is weighted calculated and weighted between Advocates, Passives and Detractors.

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According to Retently (www.retently.com) the average NPS score for the consulting sector is +51, so S A Partners are performing significantly higher than the industry average.

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In this changing world, S A Partners is proud to see such fantastic feedback from our customers.

For further information on our NPS Customer Survey please do contact Ailsa.Carson@Sapartners.com