Lean & Green Practitioner Communities
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Lean & Green practitioner communities

Lean Thinking experts S A Partners are leading the way in recognising the synergy between the lean movement for process improvement and the environmentally-driven green movement.

On 3rd July S A  Partners held a highly successful event at the O2 offices in Slough. The event aimed to raise general awareness of the benefits of combining lean and green.

For most companies, those individuals responsible for lean improvement and those responsible for green improvement are different groups, often residing in different departments.

Lean practitioners often have limited exposure to and knowledge or visibility of the organisation’s environmental aspirations and activities. Similarly, environmentalists often have little or no appreciation of the organisation’s lean journey.

The S A Partners event highlighted the benefits of integrating the organisation’s lean and green efforts. Drawing on examples of leading edge companies who have successfully integrated their lean and green activities and who have reduced costs and boosted profitability by doing to.

The event was highly interactive. Here’s what some of the delegates said about the event:

‘Really thought-provoking………has given me two big pointers to go chase in our business now’  Chris Tye, Tarmac

‘I had a very interesting day and the sticklebrick game was a fantastic eyeopener’  David Watts, Energy Saving Trust

About S A Partners LLP

Founded in 1993 by Professor Peter Hines, S A Partners is one of the longest established Lean Thinking consultancies in the UK.

Consulting with corporate and SME clients it has built a deep understanding of Lean Thinking and has a rich vein of learning resources.

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