S A Partners to Support Shingo’s Ireland Study Tour

image of Irish coast

S A Partners are delighted to be supporting Shingo’s Study Tour to Ireland in October, where you will see and experience first-hand what is at the heart of the lean business model through a series of plant tours at award winning organisations, workshops and peer networking.

The tour begins with an overview of the Shingo Model™ and a cultural background session so you can understand the context within which the companies you visit operate as well as how best to conduct yourself in your new surroundings.

We then give you an inside look at world-class companies and allow you to meet the leaders that have catalyzed lean transformations of their own. Our tour hosts will keep you engaged and challenged as you debrief after each visit and define key takeaways that you can apply to your organization’s efforts. You will see the tools and systems of operational excellence in action – you will visit companies that demonstrate excellence in the fundamentals such as 5S, visual management, problem solving, standardized work, quality at the source, safety, continuous flow, intelligent automation and much more.

Always invited to join us are guest hosts, often Shingo Research Award recipients, that will be available to engage in intellectually stimulating dialogues throughout the week and conduct a seminar on their work as experts in the field of continuous improvement.

Groups of 2+ participants will be eligible for a 10% discount off the price of the tour. Please contact Heather Johnson (heather.j.johnson@usu.edu) for more information about the group discount.

Please plan to arrive in Dublin in time for the Shingo Hosted Opening Social and Networking Dinner which will be held the evening of Sunday, October 14th. Participants can plan to depart from Dublin the evening of Thursday, October 18th or on Friday, October 19th.