S A Partners attend the European Lean Educator’s Conference

lean educators conference

The European Lean Educator’s Conference is held annually.

This year it was held in the UK for the first time – at Buckingham University.

Drs. Donna Samuel & Toni Whitehead attended from S A Partners.

The theme of the conference is lean education outside of manufacturing, and the conference brings together Lean Educators from academic institutions across Europe, industry and business consultancies. Many topics were discussed including culture change, the variety of challenges faced in organisations adopting Lean approaches across ‘end to end value streams’, Lean Leadership and the need to design contingent approaches that meet situations and specific organisational needs.

Before the conference, Dr Toni Whitehead interviewed Professor Pauline Found of Buckingham University about the current areas of research in Lean Thinking and how consultancies may need to adapt how they work with clients.

S A Partners can run in-house and public training workshops on Lean.