S A Partners join the Life Sciences Hub, Wales

foyer image of the life science wales hub building

S A Partners are pleased to announce our membership of the Life Sciences Hub, Wales, based in Cardiff Bay.

Life Sciences Hub Wales supports and showcases the diverse range of expertise Wales has to offer, bringing the dynamic Welsh Life Sciences sector to the world stage, creating commercial opportunities and developing key partnerships.

The Life Sciences sector, usually thought of as all sciences related to organisms within human beings, animals, and plants, is of significant importance to Wales as it has the ability to create sustainable economic growth as well as improve health and wellbeing.

The sector encompasses businesses and organisations in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical technology, along with those with an agricultural, botanical, environmental and veterinary focus.

Globally, Life Sciences is worth an estimated $1.6trillion per annum, with wide ranging business activities including research, development, manufacturing, and the provision of specialist support services.

Bringing together all facets of the network in Wales including academic, business, clinical, government, professional services and funding organisations, the Hub provides a commercially-driven resource for the sector.

See The Life Sciences Hub web site:  https://www.lifescienceshubwales.com/

The Wales Life Science sector collaborates openly with other countries.  A new initiative, brings together the Life Sciences sectors in Wales and Ireland.  The Celtic Advanced Life Science Innovation Network (CALIN) collaborative programme aims to connect Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with world leading Higher Educational Institutions including Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea Universities in Wales, and University College Dublin, The National University of Ireland Galway and Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork in Ireland.

Focusing on Precision Medicine (diagnostics, devices & therapeutics), Regenerative Medicine, and Bio-Compatibility & Safety Evaluation, CALIN will engage with businesses to support advanced life science product development through collaborative R&D.

More information on this initiative can be found at:  https://www.lifescienceshubwales.com/news/calin-new-life-science-innovation-network-welsh-irish-businesses-launched/

Head of the Life Sciences Sector for S A Partners is John Quirke, who also heads up our Ireland business, based in Dublin.  John sees the membership of the Life Sciences Hub enhancing the consulting and training services we offer to clients, plus the Shingo expertise we have can be shared with a wider, new audience in the wider membership network.