S A Partners Launch Brand New Promotional Videos

S A Partners start the new financial year with two BRAND NEW promotional videos as part of our online advertising campaign.

Video 1 (Left) ‘Competence, Efficiency, Colleagues and Company’

Video 2 (Right) ‘Minimise Waste and Maximise Customer Results’

More videos are on the way in alignment with; introductions to our various sectors, our Shingo Institute Affiliation and Peter Hines’ Enterprise Excellence Masterclass.

Like, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel (access via the videos below) to continue being the very first to see our forthcoming promotional content.

We’d very much like you to provide some feedback on what you think about these videos. We’d like to know 1) what you like, 2) what you dont like and 3) what you think it needs.  All submissions will then go into a draw to win the Shingo award winning book, ‘Staying Lean, Thriving not just Surviving‘.