Shingo Inst Interview Chris Butterworth

Chris Butterworth presnting at a conference
Chris presenting at the TAFE Directors Conference

Chris Butterworth has recently been helping the Shingo Institute by writing and editing the book Enterprise Alignment and Results which will be available next year.  This book is the second in the series that the Shingo Institute will be releasing, with the first one released being Discover Excellence.

As part of  this process Chris was interviewed by Shingo about the book, and during the interview Chris explained the benefit of the book, who it was for, how it is structured and what organisations are included.

The Shingo Institute is the home of the Shingo Prize which is the world standard for Enterprise Excellence. S A Partners is an affiliate to the Shingo Inst, and deliver workshops both publicly and to organisations around the world that help them improve their culture, that then drives sustainable improvement.

Chris himself is a founder of S A Partners Australia and New Zealand, is a certified Shingo Institute master level facilitator and Shingo examiner and has had many years of experience operating at senior management level in multinational organizations such as JCB, Jaguar and Corus.

Chris is also a winner of the Best New Speaker of the Year Award for “The Executive Connection” and in 2017 co-authored the widely acclaimed book “4+1- Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement”.

You can read this interview in full by visiting the Shingo Inst page.

If you’d also like to find out what it takes to win a Shingo Prize or improve your financial processes, then you can visit the financial services page or view a presentation explaining how to take an organisation through the stages for consideration.