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Shingo Training – getting started

Our Accredited Shingo Team have been supporting companies across the world on their Shingo journey since 2013. Some of these companies have gone on to receive recognition from the SHINGO Institute.  We have a fully accredited SHINGO team that deliver all six courses in every timezone and a wide range of languages.  We have also supported individuals to become Shingo Alumni.  Since becoming an affiliate we have delivered over 400 workshops and trained over 3,500 people.

We have also introduced a popular free introductory workshop delivered by our accredited team.

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Would you like to host a Shingo Workshop?

SHINGO© workshops are powerful as that they are hosted by an organisation. There are some fantastic benefits –  your team can attend; you receive insights from the gemba walk from both participants and the facilitator; your team get to network with like-minded companies and you get to see how your company is performing against the Shingo principles.

To find out what each Shingo course entails, just click on any one of the course icons below.


The Shingo Prize is named in honour of Dr. Shigeo Shingo, who was instrumental in developing the Toyota Production System. Dubbed the “Nobel Prize of Manufacturing” by BusinessWeek. The Shingo Prize was established in 1988 at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University as the benchmark for Enterprise Excellence.

The Shingo prize measures an organisation’s successful establishment of a culture anchored on principles of operational excellence based on the understanding that Enterprise Excellence is much more than the application of lean tools. The Shingo Model™ is not just another initiative; it is a new way of thinking.

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To find out why every organisation could benefit from the Shingo approach.

We have developed a seven step approach to support organisations with their Shingo Journey. It involves:

  1. Developing an understanding of the Shingo principles within the leadership team.
  2. Engaging the entire organisation in Shingo, its principles and the Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence.
  3. Establishing a benchmark of where you are now and your maturity in relation to Shingo Assessment criteria.
  4. Develop your roadmap with clear current and future states defined.
  5. Implementing your roadmap through training, coaching and operational support.
  6. Support with making a Shingo Challenge
  7. Sharing your knowledge and developing your supply chain to support long-term success.

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Challenging for a SHINGO Prize

Not every organisation we work with decides they want to make a Shingo challenge. This is not the point of the Shingo approach. However, for many it is a good recognition of your people’s collective effort and can be highly motivational.

If you do wish to make a challenge, we can draw on our experience of almost 20 challenges to help you: Understand the challenge process; Prepare an achievement report; Respond to clarification questions from the Shingo Examiner team; and Prepare for an on-site assessment and the examiners review

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SHINGO Workshops & Training

As the world’s largest licensed affiliate to the Shingo Institute, our team provide SHINGO training to companies around the world both inhouse and virtually.  Find out why the SHINGO Model for Enterprise Excellence and the SHINGO Prize are so highly regarded by the world’s best companies….

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SHINGO FORUM – Free Virtual Networking Group

Join our bi-monthly Shingo Forum where you will hear from SHINGO Award-winning companies and authors to expand your knowledge of the SHINGO principles. You will be able to network with other companies also on their SHINGO journey.

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We have published 6 SHINGO Award winning publications

Find out more about these publications and how they can support you on your Shingo Journey.


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Leadership Skills & Training

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Systems Consulting

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Latest Resources

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Events & Workshops

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