Shingo Workshops at Award Winning Locations

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S A Partners have just announced our schedule of Shingo workshops for 2018. These will kick off in April at Hilti in Manchester with the first Shingo Discover Excellence course of the year, followed by the Cultural Enablers course which is taking place at Waters Technology in May with another DIscover Excellence workshop at Boston Scientific in Ireland in June.

What the Shingo approach is, is a way of creating sustainable and excellent results. This involves overcoming two major huddles:

  1. Moving beyond the ‘implement the tools stage’ to look at complete systems
  2. Bridging the functional& cultural change gap by connecting the traditional technical approaches to improvement with the leadership and change management required


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This Shingo workshop covering the Shingo principles of Enterprise Excellence, is at the multiple Shingo award winning Boston Scientific in Ireland. The workshop will be led by Prof. Peter Hines, and you will witness at first hand, how Shingo principles drive behaviour throughout the entire organisation to deliver world class results. This course is accredited and certified to both the Shingo Institute and CPD service (Continual Professional Development).

You will learn to align your organisational principles and core values with your systems. Group activities are used to help develop skills in assessing alignment and also how to address misalignment’s by embedding your principles into your work and management systems.


In this 2 day workshop at Pepperidge Farm Utah, you will learn how to move from a tools based approach to a sustainable principle based approach to improvement using the Shingo Model. DISCOVER EXCELLENCE is a foundational two-day workshop that introduces the Shingo Model,  with real-time discussions and on-site learning from a host organisation. This program is a highly interactive experience designed to make your learning meaningful and immediately applicable.


How Shingo bridges the gap.

The benefits of attending the workshop