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Six Sigma Academy


Our Six Sigma Academy

We enhance the leaders and change management agents in your organisation to create the internal capability needed to progress on your lean journey. Our goal is to transfer knowledge so you can drive business improvement and sustain gains with your internal talent pool.

Workshops can be delivered onsite at your own facility. Onsite workshops are a cost effective alternative for those companies who have at least 10 associates to train. We can on request combine smaller groups together from different companies.

Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt courses are designed to create the internal capability you need to accelerate on your lean operational excellence journey.

Why Six Sigma

99% Good (3.8 Sigma)Power outage for 1 3/4 hours each week5,000 incorrect surgical operations per week

Two short or long landings at most major airports each day

480,000 wrong bills each day

20,000 lost pieces of luggage per hour

99.99966% Good (6 Sigma)Power outage one minute every seven months1.7 incorrect operations per week

One short or long landing every five years

63,504 wrong bills per year

Seven articles lost per hour

 Why Our Six Sigma Academy?

  • All Lean Six Sigma training is action-oriented and derived from hands-on experience.
  • All of our course instructors are Master Black Belts
  • Our delegates consistently rank their learning experience with the highest levels of customer satisfaction
  • Our Six Sigma programme integrates with all elements of our Lean Business System offerings providing a framework for sustainable business improvement.


Key Learning

  • Lean Six Sigma, is a proven methodology which combines Lean and Six Sigma into a single, coordinated initiative
  • DMAIC structured problem solving model
  • Six Sigma statistical and analytical tools
  • The Six Sigma methodology and how to use it to reduce project time from six months or more – to six weeks or less
  • How to lead change management project teams within your area of responsibility to rapidly implement high-impact operational excellence.


About Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a powerful problem solving methodology using a combination of project management and statistical analysis techniques. The five phases are Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control or more commonly called DMAIC to eliminate process defects and reduce variation. In a competitive global market, companies adopting the Six Sigma methodology are better positioned to continuously improve and sustain the business improvements.

Sigma diagram

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