Simon Grogan: Managing Director

simon grogan

Mob: 07812 983727

I have been with S A Partners since 2001, prior to this I had a successful career in the automotive, medical device and construction industries. On the qualifications front, I am a LCS Master coach, an accredited Shingo trainer and I have a degree in Business and Finance.

I enjoy working with people and making a difference to organisations, I believe LEAN is a philosophy that we should apply at all times, successful LEAN is about people and process, with emphasis on BIG PEOPLE and little process. We should always consider the Customer in what we do, fix the “right waste” – calibrate our improvement around the needs of the Customer not what we consider is nice to do. I believe change is long and thin and not short and fat, there is rarely a magic bullet or light bulb moment, it’s about constantly making tomorrows work better than todays.

Throughout my time with S A partners I have had to re-invent myself, I am a self-confessed “know it all” and love my own fame and fortune, being a consultant has taught me how to engage others and enjoy their success. I thoroughly enjoy working in all sorts of Companies. I find it fascinating that no matter how complex the product or offer more often than not, we can fix 99% of all problems through the application of common sense. I have taught myself how to train, coach and assess organisations and I am comfortable working up and down the organisation structure. Since leaving industry I have particularly enjoyed the challenges of Service organisations -removing “invisible” waste.

Since joining S A Partners, I have worked around the world in many different types of organisations- ships, cars, buildings, knees, coins, blood, munitions, cardboard boxes, windows, roads, sewage, gloves, curry, cakes, headstones, cupboards, beds, drinks and elderly care. Every day I learn something new and I am excited to boldly go where no consultant has gone before. My key success being helping Vale win a Shingo Silver Medallion in 2013. My favourite piece of feedback being “obviously the consultant was bad, but he wasn’t as bad as I thought he was going to be”, nothing like Welsh Valley humour to keep you grounded!

Today I am a Partner and Managing Director. My business challenge is to keep us one step ahead of you as clients, developing offers and people who are capable of helping you achieve your goals.

I am married and have one daughter. My hobbies include carrying shopping bags around Cardiff on a Saturday and then breaking bits of my body by falling off my mountain bike on a Sunday.

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