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SoundWave – Building Skilful Dialogue

How we communicate has a direct impact on how others think, feel and behave.  In the context of work, our roles demand that we exhibit good business communication skills, especially where there is responsiblity for others. Soundwave allows you to take a process driven approach to effective communication.  Through the suite of communication tools and customised reports, we look at the way we use language and at our conversational style, and demonstrate how – with intention and awareness – we can create meaningful relationships.

SoundWave Global Limited is a set of practices and online diagnostics that analyse preferred styles of speech and build ‘skilful dialogue’ in programme participants, as the foundation for growth, well-being and success.

“It’s so powerful. I hadn’t realised just how much I affected others through the way that I spoke, but now in using SoundWave, I can see it” – MD Pharmaceutical 

“SoundWave has opened a whole new world for me. I’ll never again take for granted  the way I talk. ‘Talk’ deserves our full and conscious attention” – HR Director

“SoundWave has captured the exact nature of my relationship with a key member of my team from a fifteen minute recording and helped me to do something useful about it; it’s amazing.” – MD Industrial Products Manufacturer

The SoundWave® model is pragmatic, backed up with research, well-presented and well-resourced, and is statistically rigorous. A SoundWave® programme leaves behind a culture capable of on-going success in improving interactions with senior managers and their key people. We focus on developing the skills of social interaction by giving attention to the way people use language and to the way they create dialogue. We do this because when we use talk consciously – with purpose and with imagination – we create powerful relationships

Our methods move from simple and pragmatic models for thinking about dialogue, through a series of on-line analytical tools that measure preferences in communication, to the detailed analysis of recorded conversation and its real time impact.

We do this because we believe that the purposeful use of language offers us all the best chance of building social connections and relationships that move the world in better directions.

Over the years, S A Partners have assessed and trained over 2500 candidates through SoundWave


Following 10 years of unique research of high performing companies the SoundWave product set has been developed.

SoundWave raises awareness of how we speak and listen and then via a coaching programme which allows individuals and teams to raise their skill and sensitivity to situations so enabling the right conversations to be had at the right time.

It equips people with 3 basic styles of communication:

How to ask questions

How to suggest solutions

How to hold standards

It develops leaders and managers at all levels to effectively communicate with their team by engaging and aligning them around the key activities that need to be completed.

The basic principle of talking in improvement rather than talking out improvement is the basis of how SoundWave operates.


We have assessed over 2500 candidates through SoundWave, which is an integral part of our Leadership Development Programmes, and our Improvement Coach Programmes.

Using SoundWave® in your organisation will:

  • Plant the seed for improved and prolonged business performance.
    Participants of SoundWave® training report a shift in culture towards better engagement and higher performance, having created conditions where people and teams can thrive.
  • Create agile thinkers and communicators. 
    SoundWave® enables participants to be astute in both their thinking and their language, so that both flow in the moments they are needed.
  • Have skilled conversations, even difficult ones.
    SoundWave® helps individuals understand their personal speech preferences, and helps teams understand their dynamics and how best to move forward together.

This opens the door to effective dialogue, leading teams to develop skills and sensitivity to talk and understand each other, resulting in constructive and creative problem-solving actions.

  • Challenge ‘the way it is round here’ and other organisational blockages.
    SoundWave® deals in real work issues. It helps create ‘discussions about the discussions’, which frees up potentially stuck relationships.
  • Save time and money by getting to the point!


 Building Skilful Dialogue

The SoundWave® Skilful Dialogue programme enables your organisation to:

  • Deliver real benefits
  • Skilful dialogue reports significant improvements in quality, productivity and deliver performance.
  • Shift the culture so that ownership is embedded at all levels.
    Participating leaders report more time to work on what really matters as their team members take full ownership for the issues that confront them.
  • Move away from styles of communication that lock in the old culture
    Participants improve the sensitivity with which they communicate, targeting and tailoring their talk to suit the situations that they face and creating new, preferred cultures.
  • See development lace together at all levels, organisation-wide
    Skilful dialogue is applicable at all organisation levels, providing leaders and front-line workers with a common language and a defined context for improved communication and action.

Juliette Packham – Partner and SoundWave Master Practitioner

Contact Juliette if you are interested in pursuing a SoundWave profile with S A Partners training and coaching you through your transformation.

Juliette Packham

Meet the S A Partners SoundWave practitioners

Donna Samuel
image of Garry Corbet
Fiona Buttrey
image of Mark Fillingham
Mick Moreton
Phil Spooner
image of Richard Lynch
Richard Young
Image of Simon Grogan
image of Steve Baker
Toni Whitehead

SoundWave Self-Perception

The self-perception diagnostic helps you to understand yourself in new ways, drawing attention to the impact that your talk (your preferred verbal strategies) might have on the people around you.

SoundWave 360

The 360 diagnostic offers radical insight into how others experience you as a consequence of how you are heard and of how well you are perceived to listen.

SoundWave Reverb

Reverb deep-dives into the real-time impact that your preferred styles of talk have on those around you, specifying the emotional and cognitive impact and helping to explain why you have the quality of relationships that you do.

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