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Speaking at the Shingo Conference

We are pleased to announce that Colin Scott, partner and head of our USA region, will be speaking at the up coming Manufacturing Shingo Summit in Detroit Michigan, which takes place on the 24th & 25th September this month. Before joining S A Partners, Colin previously worked as a managing director and CEO in the aerospace, automotive and public sectors. He has also worked in food, heavy truck, pharmaceutical, glass, printing and recycling industries.

As a master lean coach, Colin has worked as an apprentice on the shop floor and as a CEO in the board room, and his knowledge gained during this journey has enabled him to work with clients at all levels of an organisation by using a familiar language of understanding and experience. People-focused and practical with a strategic mindset and outlook, Colin enjoys seeing the fruits of challenging work and is a firm believer that people have the greatest potential to increase value in a business.

If you want to learn from manufacturing leaders about how mid-level managers can make big transformations in their organisations using the principles of the Shingo Model™, then this summit is perfect for you. You will learn what leaders and managers have done to make notable improvements to their organisations. You’ll hear experienced leaders as keynote speakers and in break-out sessions where you can join the discussion and network with people like you, striving to improve their manufacturing companies. If you’re in manufacturing and want continuous improvement, this summit is for you.

S A Partners recently congratulated Panlpina on their Shingo Award which was recently gained by their  Logistics and Manufacturing facility in Sorocaba, near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our work with Shingo has been very extensive, and you can find out all about the awards gained by visiting the awards tab of the Shingo section.