Stakeholder Engagement: engaging the right people on what they value

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement is about fully understanding the current and future needs of all stakeholder engagement groups, regulators, shareholders, customers, community etc. and converting these into goals for the organisation.

How will this be achieved?

  • Analysing past and/or organisational and market performance and trends.
  • Consulting relevant bodies and personnel.
  • Conducting face to face interviews at individual or focus group level to gain insight into ‘customer value’ or feedback.
  • Developing Frameworks and competencies to continually understand stakeholder needs.
  • Identifying key stakeholder groups and priorities in order to develop relevant stakeholder engagement and communication strategies and plans.

Why would you do this?

image of coloured boxes representing different levels of engagement
graph showing different envolvement

Webinar: Voice of the Customer

In this webinar we will demonstrate a simple yet powerful method for understanding value in the eyes of the customer and show how this insight can be used to redirect your organisation’s improvement efforts.

Improving the Customer Journey at Manchester Airport Group

A wide implimentation of CI at Manchester Airport, and this case study highlights gains such as financial savings made in the Meet and Greet process.

B & Q Customer Complaint Resolution

Productivity improvements of between 50% and 90%, depending on the type of complaint, and all customer complaints now acknowledged within 24 hours. Just 2 of the benefits highlighted in this case study.

Online Product Launch Process for Homewares

This case study highlights £250k saving in agency cost and a reduced average sample turnaround time in the studio of 85% from 150 hours down to 23 hours.

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