Success Leads to more Australian Events

Success Leads To More Australian Events

Building on the success of the Lean Business System conference in Melbourne, 21 February 2012, we are going to schedule 2 others, in Perth during September and Sydney in February 2013.

We are also pleased to introduce to Australia, our highly regarded Lean Culture events during August 2012 in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

These will be delivered by Kevin Eyre from S A Partners who has received excellent interaction and feedback from business leaders during his events in both Ireland and the UK during 2011 and 2012.

More details are to follow on the Lean Business System Conferences in September 2012 and Sydney in February 2013.

Regarding our August 2012 Lean Culture events:

Over the last 20 years of our leading research, consultancy and training within the lean community we have found that the emphasis has moved away from questions like ‘Where do I start’ and ‘How do I get trained in the tools’. In fact for companies some years into the journey the questions are now ‘Why am I not achieving as much as I hoped’ and ‘How do I stop things stalling’.

This advanced workshop is for middle or senior managers who are seeing just these issues in their organisation. It helps you to understand how to correct this and start developing a Lean Culture.

For further details, please contact Chris Butterworth.