Supporting Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off the Streets

banner image showing youth smiling

S A Partners Australia are pleased to announce that Chris Butterworth has chosen Father Chris Riley’s ‘youth off the streets’ program as his charity of choice. Father Chris Riley has worked with disadvantaged youth for more than 35 years in a variety of roles including teacher, youth worker, probation officer, residential carer and principal. Father Riley officially founded Youth Off The Streets in 1991.

As CEO of Youth Off The Streets, Father Riley oversees the operation of over 25 programs that employ over 200 staff and involve more than 478 volunteers. He has implemented innovative behaviour modification strategies to help young people deal with a history of trauma, abuse and neglect.

Youth Off The Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working for disadvantaged young people who may be homeless, drug dependent and/or recovering from abuse.

Youth Off The Streets supports these young people as they work to turn their lives around and overcome immense personal trauma such as neglect, physical, psychological and/or emotional abuse.

It is our goal that these young people will leave our care drug free, with a high school education, living skills and a full-time or part time job in hand.

Since opening in 1991, Youth Off The Streets has grown from a single food van delivering meals to young homeless people on the streets of Kings Cross to a major youth specific agency offering a full continuum of care through delivery of a wide range of services.

Our 35 services include aboriginal programs, crisis accommodation, alcohol and other drug services, counselling, accredited high schools, outreach and residential programs. Volunteers support us every step of the way.

Chris commented: ‘I’m proud to support Father Chris Riley’s work, and this is an extremely worthwhile charity that offers much needed help to those who desperately need it.’

Chris Butterworth also donates all of the proceeds for every sale of the book ‘4 + 1’ that he’s co-written to the Redkite – a Children’s cancer charity.