Supporting a School Learning Area

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S A Partners via Phil Spooner are delighted to support the development of a designated learning area at Lixwm Primary School, which is a small rural village school with 58 pupils. The school has considerable funding challenges to support the learning environment of the pupils.

kids on Bean BagsAfter discussions with the Head teacher and the Special Intervention support lead, they wished to purchas beanbag chairs to improve the designated reading and learning areas for the pupils which all the pupils utilise

The school believes in developing the whole child beyond the academic area and apart from creating a designated learning area, they also support afterschool activities such as PE in the National Curriculum through a wide range of sporting activities available to children after school throughout the whole school year.

Ysgol Licswm is part of the Dragon Sport Initiative (information on this initiative is more detailed in the Sporting Aims section of this prospectus) The whole purpose is to provide a service that makes sport FUN for ALL. With this philosophy in mind our after school clubs are for all children and not just those interested in competitive sport.