Supporting the Salvation Army

image of a group of people having a meal

S A Partners are proud to support the Salvation Army in all the good work they do. At this time of year their work in helping the most vulnerable people in society is even more invaluable.

The Salvation Army work in 131 countries, demonstrating Christian principles through practical support; offering unconditional friendship, and very practical help to people of all ages, backgrounds and needs.

Their services are offered unconditionally to people of all faiths and none, and engage in a programme of practical action to serve the community, to help those who are suffering and in need, and to speak out against social injustice.

Based on this philosophy,  Jeff Williams who is head of our Food & Drink sector, has decided to support them in their work, and donate funds which were used to provide help to those who need it most.

Lieut-Colonel Dean Pallant of the Salvation Army said:

Thank you so much for your donation towards our Christmas Appeal. It was so very kind of you to give and my gratitude for your thoughtfulness is genuine and sincere.

With the help of the support you have given us, we can turn aching loneliness into the joy of company and friendship for forgotten older people. We can ease the constant anxiety of grinding poverty and help give a family a meal on the table and presents, smiles and laughter for their children. Someone who is homeless can find warmth and the assurance of our support to help them move onwards.

The gift we give is the precious gift of love, hope and practical support. Our gift to the people we help is only possible because of your gift to us. That is why you have done a wonderful thing by supporting us and that makes you a wonderful person. Be assured of my sincere thankfulness, and above all, be warmed by the thanks I send you from the people whom you are helping today with your donation.

My best wishes to you for this festive season, and again, thank you for your kindness. May God bless you.

If you’d like to find out more about the good work the Salvation Army does, you can visit their website.