Surfers Against Sewage

news banner showing child on beach picking up rubbish

S A Partners are delighted to announce that we will be continuing support Surfers Against Sewage again this year. We are really passionate about keeping our oceans clean and safe for future generations. Along with funds donated to the cause, our MD Simon Grogan has been beach cleaning every Sunday for the past year, and recommends everyone tries it for an hour, ‘you will be shocked at the amount of rubbish that’s washed up on our shores’.

We recognise the important work Surfers Against Sewage do in communities throughout the UK for the protection of beaches, wildlife and the ocean for us and future generations.

Surfers Against Sewage started in Porthtowan Village Hall in 1990, and have stayed close to their roots by having their main HQ just up the road at St Agnes.

With just 16 people working in the office full time, the support they generate through membership donations, volunteering, signing petitions, buying from their online shop and spreading the word,  allows their impact to be widely felt. Surfers Against Sewage today deals with a wide spectrum of marine conservation issues from plastic polution to climate change.

Surfers Against Sewage also talk to their members and supporters about the emerging issues, taking on new projects that are threatening our coastlines just like sewage pollution did back in 1990. Issues such as marine plastic pollution and climate change stood out most of all. These more complex global issues are what they are focused on today, and their priority vision is for a Plastic Free Coastlines. With more plastic having been produced between 2002 and 2012 than in the whole of human history before that, and this trend only growing, it’s no surprise we have a plastic pollution crisis in our oceans. This is the new sewage of today’s world, which is also having a devastating affect all around the globe!

Pete Lewis, who is Head of Fundraising at Surfers Against Sewage, said of S A Partners support and donation:

“We’d like to thank the team at SA Partners for choosing to support our vital work protecting the UK’s Coastline. Now more than ever before our oceans and beaches need protecting and the generous support of SAS Partners will help us to continue our work”

Pete Lewis, Head of Fundraising – Surfers Against Sewage

If you’d like to find out more about Surfers Against Sewage, and how you can get involved with this great cause, visit their ‘Join Us‘ page.

S A Partners are passionate about supporting charities that help the environment and people overcome barriers and as a result, we support several charities.