Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Sustainable Continuous Improvement is the creation of systems that identifies opportunities to develop the organisation, and also enable people at all organisational levels to improve the processes and systems they are involved in.

Our Improvement Coach programme uses the latest thinking around Process, People and Programme Improvement that delivers training at for levels of an organisation.

How will this be achieved?

  • Creation of system that identifies standards, creates stretch targets and opportunities for improvement.
  • Assign opportunities to individuals and teams, around strategic, process and task level (sand, pebbles and rocks).
  • DevelopSustainable Continuous Imrpovement¬†skills at all levels to solve problems and track improvement via visual systems.
  • Ensure sustainable continuous improvement becomes an integral part of how work is completed.

Why would you do this?

  • To create a culture of sustainable continuous improvement where everybody improves the services they deliver for their organisation, and to their customers everyday.
continuous improvement timeline showing contiinnuous improvement over time, and the different levels of improvement
continuous improvement graph, showing the different levels of leadership and involvement from the workforce and type of continuous improvement person