Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment

The Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment and how it can help. A new year, new challenges? Do you know where you need to improve to stay ahead of the competition?

Grocery retailers and manufacturers in the food and drink sector are experiencing a number of challenges, particularly around cost and competition. This is a hot topic on daily news outlets.

Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment

To gain a better understanding of your business operations and to identify a roadmap for improvement, a Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment is one way of doing this. It looks at the ‘purpose’ of the business system and its effectiveness by examining evidence of the activities you carry out and the results these generate. The image below shows the areas of focus for the lean scorecard assessment i.e. Purposes, Process and People along with the improvement journey from a ‘Reactive’ state, through ‘Proactive’ to ‘Excellence’.

As a food & drink manufacturer, the Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment helps make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses across the business. Its an essential ingredient if you have a plan for 2018 (and beyond) to improve those areas that can help reduce waste and cost, increase profit and beat the competition.

Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment Graph
Lean Scorecard Maturity Graph

It is then possible to align this to a Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment Level which indicates where you are and where you need to get to. You can then develop a roadmap for improvement which aims to sustain and embed business improvements.

Lean Scorecard diagnostic
Lean Scorecard Diagnostic sheet

Evidence gathered from working with a variety of clients tells us that a sustainable and holistic Business Improvement journey will:-

  • Act as a key enabler to support your growth journey
    • By allowing you to do “more with the same”
    • By being more effective and efficient
    • By fully energising all of your people in the Improvement agenda, not just a select few!
    • By making “Improvement” a way of life
      • Not a programme or initiative
      • Not a badge
    • By allowing more time for key stakeholders to work ON the business not just IN the business
  • Deliver substantial cost reduction

Will the Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment help you to meet your challenges for 2018 and beyond?

If you would like to know more about the Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessment, please contact Jeff Williams, Partner at S A Partners and Head of Food & Drink Sector.